Indelible imprint project (Ages 12-17)

Atelier -empreintes -indelebile

About the project:

The Indelible Imprint Project is a program to support highschool student committees in and combatting sexism and violence against girls, and to empower students to create a positive, safe and egalitarian school.

Headed by an ENSEMBLE project leader, the student committees identify an intolerance problem in their school, develop a plan of action and, throughout the school year, initiate awareness and mobilization activities for a positive transformation in their school. Imprint committee students thus act as a springboard by informing and equipping their fellow students and by taking concrete actions to promote gender equality and to fight against sexism and violence against girls.

Not only do these activities have highly mobilizing potential, they considerably impact the climate in the participating schools and further promote student commitment and leadership and empower young people to create a non-discriminatory school.

Imprint Projects draw their strength and inspiration from the fact that they are thought up by and for students, that is to say, they are initiated, developed and carried out by students for their peers. Thus, they have greater outreach, achieve their target and succeed in having considerable impact on the school.


Caravan awareness: The sex, gender and sexism Caravan, interactive workshop, encourages students to recognize the existence of sexism and the legitimacy of the struggle for gender equality.

Recruitment and information meetings: In each school, ten or so youths are recruited to form a committee counteracting bullying, intolerance and discrimination.

Training camp: Young people taking part in Imprint committees attend a two-day training camp. This camp will familiarize them with different topics on cultural, sexual and religious diversity.

Actions: The student will move on to the crux of the project, namely, the detailed development and implementation of the committee’s actions in the school. The student actions stem directly from their imagination and they can use all their creativity and sense of innovation to inspire their peers: film, photo booth, murals, human library, etc.

Grand rassemblement (Rally): The students take a look back at the activities organized during the year, share them with students from other schools and celebrate their involvement.


  • A weekly committee meeting at lunchtime
  • Actions taking place in the school
  • A week-end at training camp
  • A celebratory day

For more information, contact us at or phone 514 842-4848.

This project is funded by Status of Women Canada

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