The Elementary Program - Ages 9-11

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What is it?

It is a comprehensive1 anti-bullying program intended for elementary schools. Geared toward students in grades 4, 5 and 6 as well as staff, the program aims to identify, prevent and counteract bullying.

To begin, questionnaires are distributed to students and school staff to measure the incidence and types of bullying at the school.

Next, the school receives an analysis of the results. Using this information and working with school representatives, an action plan is developed by professionals from ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity.

Education professionals are then offered training to recognize, understand and act to curb bullying. The workshop for adults includes a theoretical component and practical exercises.

Each student attends a series of three workshops to better understand bullying and practice social skills such as empathy and positive assertiveness. Students will also receive a companion guide.

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The program is spread over 5 weeks in order to collect and analyze data, develop an action plan and train students and school staff.

The program can accommodate up to 6 groups or classes.

Each workshop lasts a whole period (i.e. 50 to 75 minutes.)

Each workshop comes with supplemental material for teachers as well as information for parents.


Research shows that a significant decrease in bullying behaviours can only be achieved when everyone in a school gets involved to address the problem.

After our visit, we find that …

  • Students show greater empathy and are better able to assert themselves in a peaceful way
  • The percentage of students who resolve to counteract bullying in their milieu increases to 70%
  • The percentage of students who feel better informed and equipped to challenge harassment, either as victims or witnesses, reaches 75%

1 Please note it is also possible to select individual activities.