The Imprint Project - Ages 12-17

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What is it?

The Project Imprint is a follow-up mobilization program designed to train and involve students in the search for solutions to bullying and discrimination.

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The project kicks off with an awareness workshop offered to all the high school students in one grade (and teaching staff in some cases).

The students are encouraged to take a stand on issues linked to bullying and/or discrimination.

A committee is formed to identify problems and the solutions needed to address them.

Students take the lead by creating an innovative project; they learn the value of commitment, teamwork, and involvement.


  • Encourage empathy, solidarity and responsibility by offering students the opportunity to create and carry out concrete actions;
  • Equip young people to organize projects, make decisions and get others in their school on board with their initiatives;
  • Support and equip school professionals to take students’ needs and opinions into account.

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Young people gain:

  • An openness to diversity;
  • Training in leadership, public speaking, and project implementation;
  • The pride that comes with carrying out a large-scale project for their school and their peers.

Schools gain:

  • Trained and motivated leaders;
  • A rallying point for the whole student body and staff on issues that pertain directly to their school.