Examples of Reasonable Accommodation

Qualifies as reasonable accommodation

Does not qualify as reasonable accommodation

Muslim students and faculty who wish to do so may wear a hijab at public and private schools.

For security reasons, a bus driver cannot drive while wearing a hijab.

Blind people may enter all public places with their dog, within limits that might include a small crowded restaurant or a customer who is very allergic to dogs.

Schools are not obliged to provide places of prayer for their students, though may do so at student request, and provided it represents no undue hardship.

Some city pools reserve special hours for woman whose religion prohibits mixed swimming.

A man cannot refuse, for religious reasons, to be served by a woman police officer or government employee.

An employer must try to reintegrate, or assign new tasks to, an employee having suffered depression or an accident, if it does not cause undue hardship.

A school cannot decide to ban the teaching of the theory of human evolution (Darwinism) because very religious parents object.

Sikh students were given the right to wear the kirpan to school, provided it is sewn securely in a fabric envelope and worn under clothing. Other Sikh students in Canada have agreed to wear a symbolic pendant representing the kirpan.

A Jehovah's Witness parent has no right to ban blood transfusion for his dying child, even though it goes against hisreligion.

Some hospitals and schools have decided to offer menus without pork to respect the religious dietary laws of Muslim and Jewish patients and students. For a long time schools have taken precautions concerning students with foodallergies.

A manager decided to frost the windows of his gym after a request from neighbouring Hasidic Jews, who did not want their children tempted to watch women in exercise clothes. This is not a case of reasonable accommodation, but a neighbourly arrangement.

An employer must make every possible effort, for example by rearranging work schedules, to allow employees to observe their religious holidays.

The owner of a sugar house decided to offer a meal without pork at the request of a group of Muslim clients. This is not a case of reasonable accommodation but a commercial arrangement between a customer and a service provider.

A pregnant woman has the right to take maternity leave and return to her old job with the same pay and same benefits.

A fire-fighter paralyzed after an accident cannot retain his former position even if he wants to, because this job requires full physical capacity. However, his employer can find him a replacement job.