Mission, values

Having celebrated its 16 year anniversary of working with youth in the field of diversity education, The Tolerance Foundation has decided to change its name to ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity. This new name, ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity, was selected because we believe that as a society, we should strive for something more than tolerance and we can work together to promote acceptance and respect of differences. The name ENSEMBLE shifts the focus from differences and highlights the importance of working together, hand in hand, to build a Québec that is open and inclusive to all.


Working with young people to promote respect for differences, in order to foster an environment free of discrimination and bullying.

Our Values

Inspired by the principal of universal human rights, this organization promotes and defends peoples’ inalienable right to freedom, equality and justice.

Our work aims to raise awareness among youth about their roles and responsibilities in the face of intolerance in their schools and communities. We also provide students with tools to encourage them to pass from theory to action, placing value on youth engagement and encouraging student-lead initiatives. Our activities incite young people to reflect on and share their opinions. The Caravan workshops and the Project Imprint are two of the programs offered by ENSEMBLE that allow youth to develop their capacity for critical thinking as well as their problem-solving abilities. Students are guided into recognizing the prevalent prejudices and stereotypes that exist in their environments and developing projects that can help make their schools and communities more open, respectful and safe. Empathy, assertion, solidarity and respect are the principal values we aim to transmit to youth.