WORKSHOPS - Anti-Bullying (Ages 9-11)

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This is a comprehensive anti-bullying program for elementary school children. It aims to promote a more inclusive environment in which kids can live harmoniously with their differences. It targets grades 4, 5 and 6 students as well as teachers and staff and is intended to detect, prevent and counteract bullying and violence in schools through interactive workshops.

Prior to our visit, questionnaires are distributed to school staff and the teachers of the participating classes in order to assess the different forms of bullying and violence in the school, and the prevalence. Based on the results of these questionnaires, our workshop facilitators adapt the workshops to the specific reality of each class and each scenario.

Students participate in a series of three interactive workshops that enable them to better understand bullying and develop social skills such as empathy and assertiveness. These interactive workshops give students the opportunity to open the door to dialogue and express themselves through games, role playing and discussions.

Workshop 1

I am assertive – Students learn to understand and develop assertiveness, examine concepts of self-respect and respect for others and further learn to put this self- assertiveness into practice in different situations.

Workshop 2

I am empathetic – Students learn to understand and develop empathy and apply this skill in a context of diversity.

Workshop 3

Let’s talk about bullying! – Students learn how to recognize bullying in its various forms. They learn to play a role in this problem and understand the power of witnesses. Students also learn the importance of speaking up, stepping in and putting into practice the social skills acquired during other anti-bullying workshops.


Each workshop lasts one full class period, that is, from 50 to 75 minutes. The 3 workshops are spread out over three weeks so as to leave room for reflection. Follow-up material is given to the teachers and, at the school’s request, a workbook is given to each student.


After our involvement, we note the following among students:

  • A greater sense of empathy and an increased ability to peacefully assert themselves;
  • 70% of students are committed to fighting bullying in their school;
  • 75% of students feel that they are better informed andbetter equipped to deal with harassment whether as witnesses or victims.

For more information, contact us at or phone 514 842-4848.