WORKSHOPS - Cultural mixity (Ages 12-14)

Atelier -1-mixite


The Cultural Mixity and Living Together Caravan is an interactive workshop that encourages students to engage in critical thinking about living together in a pluralistic society so as to create a more inclusive environment and motivate them to take a stand when faced with intolerance towards differences.

Cultural diversity is explained in such a way that participants are able to acknowledge the contributions by various cultures in building Quebec’s identity. The students are then brought to recognize certain displays of intolerance where diversity is concerned, such as racism and hateful comments.

Activities are then initiated to develop young people’s critical thinking skills in relation to freedom of expression and special attention is given to comments or ideas that might circulate online. At the end of the workshop, students are encouraged to take a stand and speak up against situations of intolerance in a constructive and respectful way.


The workshop is supplemented by giant, illustrated panels that set the scene in which the facilitators host each group. The workshop lasts an entire class period, i.e., 50 to 75 minutes. The Tolerance Caravan team can host up to 15 groups per week.


After our involvement, we note the following among students:

  • A greater understanding of the pluralistic nature of Quebec’s identity and the contribution by various cultures in building its identity;
  • An increased ability to recognize different displays of racism;
  • Ability to identify intellectual defence strategies in order to analyze the quality of the information;
  • 75% of students resolve to take a stand in light of intolerant, hateful and racist speech.

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