WORKSHOPS - Discrimination (Ages 15-17)

Atelier -2-discrimination


The Tolerance Caravan is an interactive workshop that encourages grade 9, 10, 11 and CEGEP students to develop critical thinking about various forms of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination in relation to racism, sexism and homophobia.

After defining certain key concepts (race, sex and gender, sexual orientation), the facilitators present an interactive activity to illustrate the power imbalances between majorities and minorities, to understand the concepts of privileges and oppression and to develop empathy and solidarity among all the groups that form our society.

An identity-based activity then pinpoints and deconstructs the current stereotypes that fuel the prejudices toward racialized, religious and sexual minorities.

Lastly, a discussion is initiated to understand certain manifestations of prejudices such as stigmatizing, social and racial profiling, discrimination (direct, indirect and systemic) and extreme human rights violations. With the help of examples taken from current events and interactive skits, we show how the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms enables us to assert our rights.


The workshop is supplemented by giant, illustrated panels that set the scene in which the facilitators host each group. The workshop lasts a whole period, that is, from 50 to 75 minutes. The Tolerance Caravan team can host up to 16 groups per week.


After our involvement, we note the following among students:

  • A greater ability to question their own stereotypes and prejudices with a more critical eye;
  • An increased recognition of the inherent dangers of discrimination in all its forms;
  • An acknowledgement of the positive aspects of cultural and religious diversity;
  • A greater acceptance of differences, beneficial to living together in mutual respect.

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