WORKSHOPS - Sexism (Ages 15-17)

Atelier -2-sexisme


The Caravan on Gender, Sexism and Sexual harassment is an interactive workshop that invites students to reflect on issues related to sex, gender and sexism. The students are then encouraged to reflect on a range of topics aimed at recognizing the existence of sexism and the legitimacy of the struggle for gender equality.

After shedding light on inequality in Quebec and definingsomekeyconcepts(sex,genderidentity,gender expression, sexism), facilitators address the social construction of gender differences and disparities as well as well as the causes and manifestations of sexism, in particular, the effects of gender norms (prescriptions and proscriptions) conveyed by social institutions (family, school, media).

Based on their own experiences, students are then invited to reflect on the effects of gender stereotyping on individuals as well as within romantic relationships. What happens when we accept gender norms? When we reject them? How do sexist double standards affect girls’ freedom and power?

The workshops conclude by addressing the problem of sexual violence (aggression, harassment). Through the use of interactive scenarios (forum theatre), we encourage students to recognize sexual harassment situations and to grasp the importance of consent.


The workshop is supplemented by giant, illustrated panels that set the scene in which the facilitators host each group. The workshop lasts a whole period (i.e., 50 to 75 minutes). The team can host up to 15 groups per week.


After our involvement, we note the following among students:

  • A greater ability to question their own stereotypes and prejudices with a more critical eye;
  • A better understanding of the notions of gender, stereotypes and sexism.
  • An increased engagement of students intending to take a stand in favour of gender equality.

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