An individual established in a national territory but born outside of it. Natives are not immigrants. It is incorrect to refer to second- or third-generation immigrants.


The concept of integration refers to the array of processes whereby a community organizes institutions, social relations and culture in a way that leads to the support of the greatest number of its members. From an individual standpoint, it is the array of choices by virtue of which a citizen participates fully, if he so desires, in the life of the host society, especially in the public sphere, and develops according to his traits of character and outlook.

Intercultural harmonization practices (or measures)

In a very broad sense, all forms of relaxation or arrangement aimed at settling difficulties and misunderstandings that arise through the encounter of different cultures. More specifically, these measures are adopted in favour of individuals or minority groups threatened with discrimination because of their culture (including their religion). Reasonable accommodation and concerted adjustments are two forms of intercultural harmonization.


A concept of relations, exchanges between cultures within a single country. As compared to multiculturalism, which is about coexistence, interculturalism introduces the notion of intercultural exchange and dialogue to build a common culture. Interculturalism has been adopted by the Quebec government in its relations with the different ethnocultural groups on its territory.


A lack of respect for practices or beliefs other than one's own. This is shown when someone is not willing to let other people act in a different way or hold opinions different from their own. Intolerance can mean that people are unfairly treated, excluded or rejected because of their religious beliefs, their sexuality, or even their clothes or hairstyle.


The religious faith of Muslims. Not to be confused with Islamism, which is an often radical or fundamentalist current that rejects the separation between religion, politics and life in society.