Quebec Ensemble Campaign!

We are launching the Quebec Ensemble Campaign! ENSEMBLE is broadening its impact by mobilizing adults, too. Join us!

Quebec Ensemble is a positive and non-partisan movement that aims to inspire and unite people across the social, cultural, political, and economic spectrum that believe in inclusion as a fundamental value. 

The campaign launched officially on Monday, April 21st and will continue to roll over the next month. The platform of the campaign is the Quebec Ensemble Facebook page. Every day, for the first 5 days of this campaign, an inspiring video featuring a public personality from different areas will be presented.

So many people, young and old, anglophone, francophone and allophone, from Montreal and from the regions, have their own story to tell about how and why they support inclusion as a fundamental Quebec value. All of them want to express why they will not accept to live in fear and ignorance. 

Participants who want to support the campaign can click on "Racontez", fill in the questionnaire and upload a photo or video and, most importantly, share with friends in their network.