New Director at Ensemble

Dear Partners,

It is with a great deal of emotion that I write to you today to announce that I have left ENSEMBLE to pursue my career in another field. My time with ENSEMBLE was an extremely enriching adventure where I met some extraordinary people who have a true passion for ENSEMBLE’s wonderful mission.

I am leaving with the serenity and knowledge that I am handing over the management to Mr. François Caron-Melançon, a dynamic and competent man, in whom I have the utmost confidence and who will be supported by a solid, seasoned and involved board of directors.

I want to thank you for this solid partnership and for your helpful collaboration that made my experience with ENSEMBLE an especially pleasant one. I am leaving you in good hands with Mr. Caron-Melançon who, I am sure, will address all your concerns and answer all your questions.

Marie-France Legault


It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that I join ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity. The position of executive director of this great organization is a challenge that profoundly motivates me. The organization’s mission truly reflects my own values and the hopes and aspirations I have for our society.

I am pleased that I am assuming the reins of a growing organization with a solid and established team. I intend to continue in this respect so that the organization can develop and evolve by adapting to the new realities of our society.

As I have only held the position for a few days, I am in the process of familiarizing myself with the different files. I understand the importance of forging quality relationships with ENSEMBLE’s different partners and I am immensely pleased that I will be collaborating with you.

François Caron-Melançon