Ensemble's sixth annual fundraiser

ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity collects


Montréal, Tuesday May 7, 2019 – ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity is extremely proud to have raised, together with Fiera Capital, a record profit of more than $186,000 benefitting diversity and inclusion. This amount was collected during the organization’s sixth annual fundraiser, this past May 2 at Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, under the honorary presidency of Jean-Philippe Lemay, President and Chief Operating Officer – Canadian Division at Fiera Capital.

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An evening for diversity and inclusion

This benefit cocktail gathered 300 professionals from Montréal’s business community and was a real success. The benefits from the evening will help conducting ENSEMBLE’s activities within schools across Québec: Tolerance Caravans, Tiered Projects and Imprint Projects.

Ms. Marie José Fiset, Executive Director at ENSEMBLE, is very happy about the event impact: “Thanks to our sponsors, partners and our attending friends, this profit will help our team of animators pursue their on-field action with more than 25,000 young people across schools in Québec and French-speaking Canada. It will contribute in building a more inclusive society respecting diversity.”

Mr. Jean-Philippe Lemay, President and Chief Operating Officer – Canadian Division at Fiera Capital and Honorary President of the evening, added : “ENSEMBLE’s mission meets one of the fundamental values at our firm: respect of diversity. We are very proud to support, for the fifth year in a row, an organization who works on making our society more welcoming, egalitarian and fair.”

Ten years of Paul Gérin-Lajoie Award for Diversity

During the evening was also held the 10th Paul Gérin-Lajoie Award for Diversity ceremony. This year, to celebrate the ten years of this prize, ENSEMBLE exceptionally decided to present the award to three personalities. The three laureates honored this year were Mr. Léon Celemencki, Ms. Alanis Obomsawin and the Honorable Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré. All three delivered very moving thank you speeches.

Mr. Sébastien Barangé, Chairman of the Board at ENSEMBLE specifies: « For these 10th Paul Gérin-Lajoie Awards, we wanted to praise and thank three personalities who dedicated their lives to education, remembrance and human rights. In their speech and endeavours, the three 2019 laureates have reminded us how important it is to engage and explain. They make sure we never forget the tragic history of the Holocaust, the First Nations and the Slave Trade.”

ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity

A leader in diversity education, ENSEMBLE’s mission is to spark a conversation about inclusion and diversity. The organization works with young people between ages 9-18 to promote an environment respecting everyone’s differences. Each year, ENSEMBLE reaches more than 25,000 young people, on a yearly basis, in elementary and high schools in Quebec.

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Marie José Fiset
Executive Director
ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity