IN MEMORIAM - Yoine Goldstein

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Montreal, March 25th 2020. ENSEMBLE pour le respect de la diversité underlines the great contribution of Mr. Yoine Goldstein who was the co-founder of the Tolerance Foundation, the first name our organization. We salute the leadership and the unifying vision of a great man who has helped build a fairer and more open society. It is with pride that we continue his work by educating year after year nearly 25,000 young people on the respect of diversity of all kinds.

M. Sébastien Barangé add; “I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the Goldstein family, friends and community. As volunteer and now chairman of Ensemble pour le respect de la diversité, I had the privilege of collaborating with this great leader and role model. Yoine was a human rights advocate who truly embodied these values in his career as a lawyer, as leader of the Montreal community and as a Canadian Senator. For us at Ensemble, Yoine will be remembered as a visionary who cofounded and cochaired our organization The work done in so many shools accross Québec, to build a world of diversity and social cohesion, is part of his great legacy.”

ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity

A leader in diversity education, ENSEMBLE’s mission is to spark a conversation about inclusion and diversity. The organization works with young people between ages 9-18 to promote an environment respecting everyone’s differences. Each year, ENSEMBLE reaches more than 25,000 young people, on a yearly basis, in elementary and high schools in Quebec.

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Marie José Fiset
Executive Director
ENSEMBLE for the respect of diversity